aCGI Library by Apareon
Product: aCGI0100

aCGI and Xbase++ make a very powerful combination.
aCGI is the library that allows developers to create CGI applications in Xbase++. Now Web Server programming can be as easy as any other application. aCGI by Apareon allows the Xbase++ developer to create CGI applications on a CGI/1.1 compliant Windows web server.

Web programming has never been easier. You can use the language you love to write cutting edge Web-based applications you need.

With the ability to continue to use most* add-on library functions
you have invested money in or spent hours creating, the
aCGI library helps you take your experience to the Web.

*The exceptions are functions that send output to the screen. As long as all display functionality is handled by the User's Browser, your Add-On Libraries should work fine.

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Price: $149.00
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